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Who We Are and What We Do

The Beginning and History of Snowball's Legacy to Feed the Hungry.

  Mr. F.D. “Snowball” Holcomb Sr. was always known as a person to give and assist others even as a young boy. He and his dad Robert Lee Holcomb Sr. would pick up produce and food in Atlanta and see that it got to people in need. So truly Snowball had a special calling to help the less fortunate. Snowball was born April 11,1934.

The food outreach program started when Snowball was attending a small church in Lithia Springs, Ga. Everyone agreed to assist one family per month with can goods and other foods that the members of the church contributed. Then he was asked by another food ministry if he could use items such as their day old bakery goods from some local supermarkets. Of course he would have to pick it up at each one of those stores, so he did. Then in 1999 Snowball had a serious Heart Attack which by this time his youngest son Dwight had already been helping him for about 2 years and knew the day to day operations, so instead of completely stopping they agreed for Snowball to keep 3 of the stores and run them and the church would continue giving out food as well. So, until he could secure a regular location to operate, they gave out food on the front porch of his residence. Snowball, Dwight and 5 other regular volunteers continued. When Snowball and Dwight applied to become a legal 501c3 non-profit organization in 1999 and subsequently New Beginnings Food Outreach Inc.was founded. After going thru a long 4 or 5 year process continued with the simple mission of “Feed The Hungry”. Going from feeding one family per month to 1200 families in a single month. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but with operating solely on donations that is to be expected and yes there have been times when Snowball and Dwight had to actually take money from their pockets to pull thru, but here we are in 2017, Snowball has retired to his Heavenly Estate and we continue to Feed the Hungry in our own facility using our own equipment and with a nice pool of great volunteers. We appreciate every person who helped advance our mission in any way.

We still operate solely on donations from businesses and individuals just like you. So if you can find it in your heart to make a one time donation or even better become a monthly partner and help us

“Feed the Hungry” would appreciate it greatly and God bless you for giving. One year we gave out 1,750,000 lbs of food, we would like to top that with our 2 million pound goal for this year.

We are governed by a CEO and administrative board of directors and if you have any questions or want more information don't hesitate to ask.


New Beginnings Food Outreach Inc.

Dwight Holcomb, CEO

In Loving Memory of our Founder,

F.D. “Snowball” Holcomb Sr.


 As a trusted charitable organization founded in 1999 as a 501c3, we provide assistance to the people who need it the most in the Bartow and surrounding counties. Want to help? Contact us to see what you can do to make a difference in the community you live in. Every little bit of help is needed and appreciated.

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